Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unwrap Deep-Gladness Gifts #2: Just "Sing"!


Sing a song

(Write what's yours...)

Make it simple
(Let it "sing out"...)

To last your whole life long

( your deep-gladness voice.)

Don't worry that it's not good enough 
(It's none of your darn sweet business...)

For anyone else to hear

(...what anyone else may say.)

Just sing

(Just write...)

Sing a song.

(...write what's yours.)

From dusky green Vermont hills
intoxicating breezes
and cricket symphonies

where I'm practicing what I'm preachin'
at a Fearless Writing Workshop,


Psst...Just do it...unwrap your deep gladness gift.


Note: Recognize the red lines that inspired this little post? Yep, it's the Sesame Street song, called Sing.

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